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CNS Disease Modeling

CNS diseases and injuries remain some of the most challenging medical, social, and economic problems to date. Laboratory-based, bottom-up studies of the complicated pathophysiological mechanisms of CNS diseases promise to accelerate the evaluation and development of novel repair strategies.

Custom Neural Differentiation Service

Recent development in the field of iPSC and 3D cell culture technologies off new insights and opportunity to better understand the molecular and cellular mechanisms that underline the neurological diseases.

Custom Brain Organoid Services

The human brain is an extremely complex system that contains a variety of neuron types. In this case, human brain study, especially neurodegenerative diseases, becomes extremely difficult. Compared with rodent animal models, brain organoids present more advanced cell composition, maturation, and tissue architecture, which are closer to the human brain. At Creative Biolabs, we provide the custom novel STEMOD™ neuroscience ex vivo models for a broad range of neurosciences research.

Forebrain Organoid

For researches on cognitive activities, sensory and associative functions, etc.

Cerebellar Organoid

For research of diseases that involve general inadequacy of motor response.

Whole-brain Organoid

A model that shares high functional similarities with developing cerebral cortex.

Retinal Organoid

For research of retinal diseases and conditions, and retinogenesis.

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If you have any specific request that is not within the scope of services described, please feel free to contact us for further discussion with our scientists.

Basic Neuroscience Research tools

Due to expending effort and long timeline required for stem cell research, scientists at Creative Biolabs produce and provide high quality stem cell products and related reagents and tools. To meet various requirements of researchers from different fields of stem cell research, our cell products are mainly organized and categorized by types of disease (e.g. Cardiovascular Diseases, Neurological Diseases, Ocular Diseases, etc). Other tools includes reagents, media, kits and consumables.

About Us

Facing the challenges in drug discovery for neurological disorders, especially around understanding the molecular and cellular mechanism underlined, induced pluripotent stem cells (iPSCs) emerge to be an excellent tool to recapitulate the biology of donor cells. With years of experience in iPSC and gene editing technologies, scientists at Creative Biolabs are providing services and products for neuroscience research and drug discovery.

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