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Neuronal Marker Antibody

Introduction of Neuronal Marker

The brain is the most complex organ in humans and nerve cells are the basic signal components of the brain. The central nervous system consists of a complex variety of neurons and glial cells, the glial cells can be divided into different categories, including astrocytes, microglia, and oligodendrocytes.

To have a better understanding of the brain's working mechanism, it is essential to study the different functions of various types of nerve cells. Morphologically, neurons are composed of four well-defined structural compartments, which include dendrites, axon, soma, and synaptic terminal. These highly compartmentalized structures allow us to distinguish them from other cell types. Now there are a series of proteins, also called neuronal markers, have been used for the identification of specific neuron subpopulations. In this case, the combination of neuronal marker antibodies with microscopy has been served as a powerful tool for multiple applications, which include but not limited to:

  • Distinguish of cell types in the nervous system
  • Phenotypic and morphological analysis of neurons
  • Evaluation of cell or protein co-localization
  • Visualization of synaptic connections
  • Measurement of protein expression level
  • Evaluation of cell health

Regional and cellular distribution of Hu expression in the adult avian neostriatum. Fig.1 Regional and cellular distribution of Hu expression in the adult avian neostriatum.

Types of Neuronal Markers

  • Astrocyte markers - GFAP; Vimentin; S100B
  • Microglia markers - IBA1
  • Precursor cell markers - DACH1; Nestin
  • Neuronal markers - TUBB3; MAP2; MAP1B; ELAVL3; ELAVL4; MAP1B
  • Dopaminergic neuron markers - DOPA Decarboxylase; TH
  • Oligodendrocyte markers - MBP; CNPase; Claudin 11; OLIG2
  • Hippocampal CA1 marker - WFS1
  • Glutaminergic neuron markers - GLS; GLAST; vGluT1; vGluT2; EAAT1; EAAT2; EAAT3; EAAT4; GAC; KGA; Glutamine synthetase; NMDAR1; NMDAR2B; GOT1
  • GABAergic neuron markers - GAD65; ABAT
  • Cholinergic neuron markers - CHT1; CHAT
  • Axon markers - KIF5B; DYNC1H1

Schematic diagram of antibody structure Fig.2 Schematic diagram of antibody structure.

Antibody Production Service at Creative Biolabs

Equipped with our advanced phage display platform, hybridoma platform, as well as other advanced antibody development platforms, we can provide a full range of neuronal marker antibody production services. From gene synthesis to antibody purification and labeling, we can produce antibodies in both research and diagnostic applications.

Creative Biolabs is one of the well-recognized experts who are professional in applying advanced platforms for a broad range of neurosciences research. If you are interested in our services and products, please do not hesitate to contact us for more detailed information.

For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.