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STEMOD™ Advanced Drug Discovery Service

CNS drug discovery has been hampered by inadequate understanding or consideration of a number of factors. These include the complexity of brain anatomy and function; the neuro-PK with regard to the blood-brain barrier (BBB) transport and intra-brain distribution as well as the measures to study these processes; adequate biomarkers of CNS drug effects (neuro-PD), and the complex nature of CNS diseases. Also, the reductionist view and thereby lack of understanding of the interaction and interdependencies of all these factors have contributed to the high attrition rates of CNS drugs.

Process of CNS drug discovery Process of CNS drug discovery

One-stop CNS Drug Discovery Services at Creative Biolabs

Creative Biolabs has extensive experience in drug discovery and has successfully accomplished hundreds of projects. We have developed a comprehensive technology platform to provide one-stop CNS drugs discovery services. Our platform has advanced neuroscience ex vivo models, neuroscience assay technique, and neuroscience research tools. These technologies will cover every important stage of CNS drug discovery, resulting in a one-stop shop for our customers.

Technology Platform Technology Platform

If you are looking for assistance on CNS discovery services, or you are interested in other neuroscience services, please feel free to contact us for more information.

For Research Use Only. Not For Clinical Use.